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Before you start looking for your first home, we can help you with a mortgage prequalification.

Fairway Financial Services, Inc. can help you get pre-qualified and on your way to home ownership! Simply fill out our mortgage prequalification form securely on our website. With a prequalification letter in hand, you know that you may get approved for a mortgage before you even look at your first potential new home.

Some realtors require buyers to get pre-qualified before even starting to house hunt. A simple mortgage prequalification letter can help you narrow your search to find exactly the home you need. It also makes the mortgage application process that much smoother.

Determine how your credit looks.

Lenders will look at your payment history, income, and current debts to determine how likely you are to pay your loan each month. The number value assigned to your “reliability” is known as your credit score and is one of the biggest factors in getting approved for a mortgage.

If you go to, you can get a free, Federally authorized credit report.  This will not contain your credit scores, but does allow you to verify what accounts are on your credit (so you can make sure there are no fraudulent accounts) and if your payment history has been reported correctly.  If you see any errors, you can reach out to the credit bureaus, Transunion, Equifax, and Experian, to get the errors corrected.

There are places where you can check your estimated credit scores as well (may credit cards will provide this with your monthly statement), but keep in mind that this may vary from your mortgage credit score as they are scored differently. If you have a credit score below 680, consider delving deeper into your report to make sure it is accurate. Stay current with all monthly payments and reduce debt where possible to boost your score.

Talk to an expert at Fairway Financial Services, Inc. about your financial history, goals, and the path to buy a home.

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